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Kerke Focus On 3 Main Field Over 10 Years
Co-rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder
Single Screw Extruder
PVB & PET Sheet Extrusion Line

parallel twin screw extruder

single screw extruder

PVB sheet extrusion line

Welcome to Kerke Extrusion
Nanjing Kerke Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. (ONPLAS GROUP) is a High-Tech company, which is composed of well-experienced team in R & D design, manufacturing technique, sales service and bases on twin screw extruder industry for 10 years with CE, TUV, SGS Certificates.
   Our production series contain single screw extruder, co-rotating twin-screw compounding extruder KTE series from KTE-16B to KTE-95B, KTE/SE two-stage compounding line, KUW underwater pelletizing system, SE series single screw extruder, auxiliary equipment etc. Learn more >>


Kerke's Extruder has been exported more than 60 countries and get high reputation and honor from our customers
Kerke man never stop pursuing our final target: Build Kerke As an Internal Brand
Provide High Cost-Effective Extruder For Customers

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