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  • PET Recycling & Pelletizing Line
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PET Flakes Recycling Line (Pelletizing Line)

  • IV can be kept over 95%, 0.63-0.7
  • Pellet Transparent and Beautiful
  • 2 solutions for your flakes
  • Save more energy
  • Save more budget for you

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Are You Looking For Better PET Flakes Recycling Line?

Now China government released a new law, Flakes can not be imported into China, so many customers are looking for PET pelletizing machine, But the IV is the most item they concern, Only few pelletizing machine supplier can keep good IV, but we can keep the IV over 95% of the raw flakes. 

      We can provide full solution for PET recycling from PET bottles crushing,washing and drying line to PET pelletizing and Crystallizer equipment. Contact our engineers for suitable solution at good price: [email protected]

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