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Twin Screw Extruders
The Kerke Extrusion is a global leader in the supply of twin screw extruders for many industries including: plastics compounding, masterbatch, powder coatings,and many others. You can find suitable solution for your application at good price, We provide KTE series, KTE/SE double stage series and KUW underwater pelletizing line.

How To Choose The Suitable Series For Your Business ?

  • KTE Series is parallel twin screw extruder which used for producing color masterbatch, filler masterbatch(Caco3,Talc,Cao etc), engineering plastic compounding and pelletizing, PET flakes pelletizing. If you need good performance extruder at good price, you should choose KTE Series. Learn More >>
  • KTE/SE Series double-stage compounding and extrusion line is used for producing high density and quality color masterbatch, black granules, cable materials. The first stage is twin screw extruder and the second stage is single screw extruder. Learn More>>
  • KUW Series underwater pelletizing line is top quality comparable with Germany and USA equipments. If you are looking for the top quality compounding line which can be equal with Euro and USA quality but lower price. Our KUW series will be your first choice ! Learn More>>

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