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  • You Concerned FAQs

Welecome to Kerke’s FAQs Page, We know you have many questions about our company and extruders, it is our honor to answer all your concerned questions which will make your purchase be smarter, and your business will start from better beginning. If you can not find answers to your concerned questions, feel free to contact our engineer. Send your question >>  (our engineer will revert to you in 12 hours)

Q: Who is Kerke?
A:  With more than 10 years, focusing on co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder design and manufacturing, 6000 square meters workshop and 60 energetic employee, you will find excellent twin screw extruder from KTE20 to KTE95,  We are the leader of high cost-effective extruder in China. Wanna learn more about Kerke, visit company profile>>

Q: Whether our extruder can process your material?
A:  Our twin screw extruder mainly used in following application with different cutting type (water cooling strands, air cooling hot-face cutting type, water ring cutting type, air cooling strands cutting type, underwater pelletizing system)  see main application >>

  1.     Color masterbatch
  2.     Filler masterbatch (Caco3,Talc etc)
  3.     Engineering plastics pelletizing
  4.     Soft PVC and Cable materials
  5.     Elastomer (PP,TPU,TPR,TPE etc)
  6.     Powder and Coating application
  7.     PET recycling pelletizing
  8.     Your customizied application

Q: Why Kerke is your better business partner?
A:  If you need germany extruder, we can not help you, but if you need Germany standard with China price, you are right place. We aim to provide high cost-effective extruder for middle level clients who want to buy good extruder at good price. 

  1.    We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year considerate and comprehensive service
  2.    You can save 70% equipment investment 
  3.    Your business will be so competitive with your competitors because of good quality and lower cost
  4.    You can get back your equipment investment in 2 months average
  5.    You can get turnkey solution from formula to installation and training
  6.    Fast delivery time for you, on average 30 working days

Your competitors are using Kerke’s extruder for prosperous business, What are you waiting for???  Contact our support team now >>

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