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Plastic Extruder Tips 8: PET Flakes Recycling & Pelletizing Extruder

PET Flakes Recycling & Pelletizing Extruder Posted by Andy Since China promulgated the policy of prohibition of importing waste plastics raw material, the shortage of PET material for fiber factory getting more and more serious(the new policy allowed the import from 1st, August). One solution is processing the PET flakes into […]

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Twin screw extruder Introduction

1. Structure: Motor, gearbox, screw, barrel, feeder, heating and cooling system, vacuum exhaust system –Motor for driving the gearbox , the gearbox connect the screw , then the screw runing . –Different screw elements combination of screw will suitable different materials , so the screw combination is very important. –The […]

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How to solve twin screw extruder exhaust vent belch materials?

During the twin screw extruder working, sometimes there are materials belch from the exhaust vent, what is the reason? There are the following reasons and solutions: 1, The twin screw extruder head temperature is low, the head pressure is too large.The material can not be extruded timely. Solution: you should […]

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Plastic Extruder Tips 7: Twin Screw Extruder Screw Design & Function

Twin Screw Extruder Screw Design & Function Posted by Andy The twin screw extruder screw adopts modular design, combined by shaft and screw element one piece by one piece. The screw element mainly consists of the transport unit and kneading unit. Transport unit: large pitch like 64mm, medium pitch like 48mm, […]

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Formulation Design of EVA Foam Masterbatch

The advantages of EVA foam plastic: 1. Softness, good toughness, low temperature resistance (-58°) 2. Relatively low density, suction load, heat insulation, sound insulation 3. Heat sealing, adhesion, gloss, deep processing are good 4 ozone resistance, non-toxic, good dyeability EVA Application: Sole, upper, packaging materials and daily necessities EVA material […]

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Plastic Extruder Tips 6: Black Masterbatch Production Process

Black Masterbatch Production Process Posted by Andy The black masterbatch is widely used in the plastic processing industry, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, and blow molding process with its performance conductive properties and UV resistance. But no matter which product you make, the dispersion of carbon black is the […]

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How to solve gearbox problems ?

Gears are abnormal and vibration is too large: The possible reason: 1. gear assembly meshing clearance overrun or pitting off serious 2. Axial channeling is too large 3. The horizontal and parallel degrees of each axis deviation is too large 4. The bearing gap is too large 5. Loosen button […]

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Do you know the Flame retardant masterbatch formula ?

Flame retardant masterbatch composition 1. Carriers:LDPE,HDPE, PP, CPE, EVA, SBS, ACR . Proportion:5% 2. Flame Retardants :C12Br10O, TBBPA, Sb2O3, MoO2 . Proportion:50% 3. Heat Stabilizers: Organometallic compounds . Proportion:3%-5% For Example : 1. PP flame retardant masterbatch formula : LLDPE/PP 35%-45% HBCD 50%-60% ED3 6%-7% PE wax 2%-3% 2. EVA […]

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Let you know more about black masterbatch

Every one who working in plastic filed know the black masterbatch, and most of them use it while plastic products production. For coloring, anti-aging, conductive products and so on. But we will meet kinds of problems during using the black masterbatch. Now we share you the 9 points of black […]

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Plastic Extruder Tips 5: Color Masterbatch Production Process

Color Masterbatch Production Process Posted by Andy The color masterbatch is an aggregate made of super constant pigment uniformly attached to the resin. Color masterBatch is a new type of polymer-colorant, also known as pigment preparation. It is made up of four basic elements: pigment or dye, carrier, dispersant, and […]

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