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Welcome To Nanjing Kerke

Nanjing Kerke Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech company, which is composed of well-experienced team in R & D design, manufacturing technique, sales service and bases on twin screw extruder industry for many years.
     Our production series contain single screw extruder, co-rotating twin-screw compounding extruder KTE series from KTE-16B to KTE-95B, KTE/SE two-stage compounding line, KUW underwater pelletizing systme, SE series single screw extruder, auxiliary equipment etc.
      We are now mainly devoted to highly active single, twin screw and compounding extruders, at the same time completely plant manufacture and interrelated technique, until turn-key project. According to the material system and technical process, we can achieve the optimization of structural design for mixing equipment, and set electromechanical and technical system together,which greatly shows our many years experience and comprehensive technique.
     At present, with tremendous development of science and technology, plastic and rubber industry are becoming more and more important for our life, which can secure our lives and improve the quality of our life and the environment. Almost every day, through research, development and improvement, the application range of new improved materials becomes wider, which provides more and more innovative terminal products. In this context, plastic rubber industry need rich experiences and progressive partners, we are the best partner to provide high quality equipment.




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