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color masterbatch
Our KTE series parallel twin screw extruder with water cooling strands pelletizing is the so good for producing various color masterbatch. KTE-series is designed with good quality and good price, better for your business

Using our KUW underwater pelletizing system can process reactive elastomer such as TPU, TPE, TPR etc. You can find good quality comparable with Germany standards but Chinese price.

caco3 filler
If you need produce PP or PE filler with Caco3,Talc,Cao etc(>70%). Our KTE series will be your best choice, Every year we sell more than 50 lines to customers in this field

If you need recycle PET flakes (clean) or PE,HDPE flakes, Our KTE series can process all these recycled materials into granules and won't change the materials raw function. It is better than single screw extruder.

PET Flakes Pelletizing
Our Twin Screw Extruder Pelletizing Line Can Keep Good IV(over 95%) and Good Color For End Pellet. Feel Free to Contact Us Now

Engineered plastic like PA, PBT, EVA, PE,PS etc add other additives. Using our KTE series twin screw extruder can process all engineered plastics

KTE/SE double-stage series is specical designed for producing soft PVC cable materials and black masterbatch (Carbon black 30~50%). Better mixing, compounding and dispersing. You need better solution for your business

The Kerke extruders have been widely accepted in the powder coating industry with proven split-barrel barrel design and extreme wear protection for both screws and barrel liners. The KTE series extruder utilizes screw element designs developed specifically for feeding high percentage of fines at high capacity with excellent dispersion.

KTE series twin screw extruder

KTE-SE Twin Screw Extruder

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