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PVC processing formula design

1. Plasticizer Selection Principles:
The main plasticizer is some good compatibility with PVC, high plasticizing efficiency, a large number of addition also do not precipitate.
such as: Dop,dbp,diop,dibp,dotp,tcp and Dpop

Auxiliary plasticizer is less compatible with PVC.
For example: aliphatic two acid ester, chlorinated paraffin, epoxy, petroleum benzene sulfonic acid ester

According to the soft and hard PVC products, the amount of plasticizer is also different:
1. Hard products: Number of plasticizers added: 0-5 copies
2. Semi-hard products: Plasticizer added to 6-25 copies
3. Soft Products: 26-60 parts added to Plasticizer
4. Paste Products: 61-100 parts added to Plasticizer

Matching of different PVC products and plasticizers:
1. Hardy PVC products, the use of two yuan acid ester +dos
2. Non-toxic PVC products, choose DHP,DNP,DIDP
3. High temperature resistant PVC products, choose TCP,DIDP,DNP
4. Insulated PVC products, choose Totm,tcp,dpop
5. Flame Retardant PVC products, the selection of phosphate ester, chlorinated paraffins

2. Thermal stabilizer Selection principle:
In hard PVC formulations, the larger the heat-stabilized dose is added, the better:

1. Opaque hard PVC, choose three alkaline phosphate lead (2:1)/two alkaline phosphate lead (3:1), the total amount added 3-5
2. Transparent hard PVC, with metal soap (3-4 parts), organic tin (1-2 parts), Rare earth class, etc.

In soft PVC formula, the amount of heat stabilizer added is small
1. Opaque Products: Co-added with lead salt (1-2 servings) and metals (1-2 copies)
2. Translucent Products: Metal soap (2-3 parts)
3. Transparent Products: organotin (0.5-1 parts) in collaboration with metal soap (1-2 parts)

3. Lubricant Selection Principles:

Selection according to the processing method of PVC
1. The purpose of lubricant in calendering molding is to prevent sticky rollers and reduce melt viscosity, use metal soap, stearic acid lubricant
2. Extrusion, the purpose of the lubricant in injection molding is to reduce viscosity, improve fluidity, use ester and wax lubricant
3. Molded, laminated, with wax as lubricant
4. Paste products with liquid lubricant

4.PVC drainage Pipe processing formula:
PVC (SG-3 or SG-4)                                   100
Three-alkali phosphate lead                       3
Two-alkali phosphate lead                          1
DOP                                                               5
Epoxy Soybean oil                                       2
Metal SOAP                                                 1.5
ACR                                                               3
PE Wax                                                        0.6
CPE                                                                5
Lightweight Caco3                                       4


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