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Disadvantages of China twin screw extruder

As the professional manufacturer of twin screw extruder from China, we Kerke also wish customers know more about China twin screw extruder and buy the suitable machine. Most will tell you the advantages of twin screw extruder, but today let’s talk about the disadvantages of twin screw extruder from China.


  1. The problem of high speed ratio bearing installation.


  1. The design of gearbox is not good as it from Europe. In China, the design of gearbox is from 1990s from Europe mostly.

Most of the gearbox have the disadvantages, such as low effectiveness, low reliability, big noise, poor sealing performance and so on.

So it is better to consider the China supplier who has the research on gearbox.


  1. The screw elements and barrel have big difference between China and Europe, because of the raw material and machining difference. Especially the kneading elements, its wearing is more quick.

So it is better to consider the China supplier who makes the screw elements and barrel by themselves, it means you will have a better after-service in time.


  1. For the same model, the output of China twin screw extruder is lower than it from Europe, it is the truth, we should face it.

Of course, the power consumption of China twin screw extruder is also lower. I think we should consider is the cost-effective.


  1. The service life. All know it, the service life of Europe extruder is about 30 years. But the service life of China extruder is about 15 years, if your supplier provide the best suitable configuration and you maintain it regularly.

After 15 years, maybe you need change the gearbox, screw, barrel, and some small parts of extruder.

But the price of China twin screw extruder is much lower than Europe, I think it is suitable for most customers, especially for the new factory.


  1. It is difficult to clean the screw. I think it is the common problem of twin screw extruder from China and Europe.

If you produce different color masterbatch, it is better to buy more machines for them.


  1. The filtering system. The filtering system made in China is not so good as Europe product, you should remember it is good enough for the normal material filtering.

But if you produce the food grade products, you should remind your supplier the good filtering system for food.


Of course, the twin screw extruder is very popular in international market now, because of its good price and service, and its good enough quality.


More information you want, welcome to contact [email protected]. We Kerke is always here to help you more.

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